powder mixers for the food industry

Mixers for the food industry

Gentle and precise mixing of foodstuffs

When mixing foodstuffs, different substances, i.e. with different density, are combined with the aim of influencing the taste and consistency of the dish. Typically, different starting products (e.g. iodising, flavouring) develop new properties through mixing.

Our powder mixers with electropolished insides are very well suited for the manufacture of products in the food industry. Due to the slow rotation the temperature remains constant and no great forces are generated in the mixing material.


  • Easy cleaning

    • Mixing container easily accessible
    • No dead spaces or cavities inside the mixing chamber
    • electropolishing results in a roughness of Ra < 0.8 µm
    • no adhesion of germs and cross-contamination is reduced
  • homogeneous mixing in a short time

  • reproducible quality standard

  • Gentle mixing of fragile and sensitive foods

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