powder mixer frontal to mix powders and granules

Large mixers for production

Our large unit for your production

The powder mixer as a large unit meets the high requirements of industrial production. Due to its simple handling and clear control, no long training periods are required. The associated feeding system enables your employees to fill the Y-T piece uncomplicatedly and effortlessly.

In contrast to filling the floor-mounted unit, the large unit fills the mix into a container. This is then moved under the Y-T piece with the aid of a pallet truck. Thanks to the guide rails attached to the floor, you and your employees do not waste valuable time maneuvering the pallet truck. When the pallet truck has moved into position, the container is lifted and the container with your mix is simply docked onto the Y-T-piece and connected.

The mixing bowl has no dead spaces inside and is electropolished according to the cleanliness. In addition, the Y-T piece has 2 manhole covers on the other ends of the Y-T piece. All this simplifies cleaning and prevents cross-contamination with other mixing materials.

The large-scale device can be expanded with additional functions, such as a control display, with output of data for batch management or protocol printer.

electropolished mixer open 10litre for various powders or granules in industry and production

Technical Details:

Mixing tanks available for optimal mixing volumes in:

100 liters and 300 liters

  • External dimensions depend on the size of the mixing tank

  • Connection : 400V AC (16A)

  • Rated power: depends on the size of the mixing tank

  • Weight depends on the size of the mixing tank

  • With CE marking

  • Made in Germany

Gsi Gmbh made in Germany Systementwicklung und Instrumentierung